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About Dr. Berlingieri

Dr. Berlingieri graduated from the University of Toronto with Specialty in Internal Medicine and Critical Care in 1995. He is an active consultant at Burlington Joseph Brant Memorial Hospital. He is a Medical Co-Director of JBN Medical Diagnostic Services Inc, Burlington, Ontario. This clinic has 4 Internal Medicine Specialists on staff, a fully equipped non-invasive cardiac diagnostics lab as well as a globally recognized clinical trials division.
Dr. Joseph Berlingieri is the Medical Director of the Pounds For Health (P4H)Medical Weight Management Clinic and Research Center . P4H was established in 2003 and is located within the offices of JBN Medical Diagnostic Services Inc.

Pounds for Health (P4H) is not a weight loss clinic. Aiming for a healthy weight, improved cardiovascular risk factors and recognition of the genetic influences and environmental factors determining weight is a necessary aspect of the P4H mandate. Lifestyle changes alone are not effective in sustaining weight loss in the majority of the patients. Pounds For Health Clinic combines lifestyle, medical, and surgical approaches to assist patients in achieving and sustaining their healthy weight .Patients are seen by physician referral only as this a Ministry of Health funded Clinic. The clinic specializes in assessing and treating patients in all weight classes from the mildly overweight ( BMI over 27) through to class III obesity ( BMI over 40).

About JBN Medical

JBN is a privately owned medical clinic that provides specialist medical care.
JBN has developed a number of Specialty Health Clinics aimed at managing various medical conditions.
We provide a full range of non-invasive cardiac diagnostic testing. Tests are available at short notice. Abnormal results are reported rapidly and if necessary, the patient is looked after by a specialist in the clinic.
We are actively involved in research through multinational collaborative clinical trials. Research studies are carried out by a team of dedicated professionals including physicians, nurses, study coordinators and most importantly you, the patient. You may help to develop new treatments or to broaden the indication for currently available treatments. You may also aid in the improvement of the standard of care for patients in the future.
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