Medical Research

JBN is actively involved in research through clinical trials conducted in cooperation with several pharmaceutical companies.Research studies are carried out by a team ofdedicated people including the physicians,nurses, study coordinators and most impor-tantly the patient.

You may help to develop new treatments or to broaden the indication for currently available treatments. You may also aid in the improvement of the standard of care for patients in the future.

Research is a careful, diligent search aimed at learning new information. It can help us to learn how we can improve the quality of patient care. Before new medications can be approved, they must go through a series of rigorous tests called clinical research trials or studies.

JBN research studies are carried out by our team of dedicated professionals including the physicians and the study coordinators but most importantly, the patients.

Medical research studies are designed to provide information on health or disease.

The purpose of medical research is to learn how our bodies work, why we get sick, and what we can do to get and stay well. The goal of medical research is to improve our health.

Medical research studies often aim to advance our knowledge of a medical condition.

Each study tries to answer specific questions. Medical research finds new ways to treat and prevent disease, and it helps us understand how and why some traditional, "old-fashioned" remedies (like chicken soup for colds) work.

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