Active Studies

Medical research is conducted to aid, and support the development body of knowledge in the field of medicine. The goal of medical research is to provide information on health or a disease, and ultimately improve our health. This is achieved by determining how our bodies work, why we get sick, and what we can do to get and stay well. An important kind of medical research is clinical research, distinguished by patient involvement. Clinical research is conducted and supervised by doctors. It often requires ethical approval and is carried out with patients in a medical setting such as a hospital or clinic. JBN Medical Diagnostic Services Inc. is a dynamic research centre that encourages the integration of multidisciplinary skills. This multifaceted approach to research provides a unique, in – depth perspective that few other organizations can achieve. JBN Medical Diagnostic Services Inc. is actively involved in clinical research through clinical trials conducted in conjunction with several pharmaceutical companies. These research studies are carried out by a team of dedicated people including physicians, nurses, study coordinators and patients. Clinical research may also help to develop new treatments, or improve the standard of care for future patients. In this sense, clinical research is a much bigger undertaking than introducing new drugs to market. Through clinical research it is possible to challenge the boundaries of medicine for the mutual benefit of everyone.

Research themes include: Allergy / Immunotherapy
  • Seasonal: grass, trees, weeds
  • Perennials: mould
  • Pets / animals
  • Food
  • Urticaria
  • Eczema atopic dermatitis
Mild Lupis Asthma COPD and lung diseases Cardiology
  • Cholesterol
  • Blood Pressure
  • Heart disease
  • Arrhythmias / Abnormal heart rhythms
  • Stroke / Transient Ischemic Attack
Alzheimer's Disease / Memory Osteoporosis Diabetes
  • Type 1
  • Type 2
Stroke Vaccines Thrombosis / Blood clots